SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Living In The Moments, by Stephen John Beyer

Living in the Moments
By Stephen John Beyer
Feature Screenplay (Romantic Comedy)

JON (39), JAY, (44) and JOEY (42) are three middle aged men that share a love for music, laughter, and the unexpected. They all work dead-end jobs and spend most of their time living in the moments by competing in an annual karaoke competition and hosting themed parties. On a daily-basis Jon’s parents POPS (65) and MAGGIE (64) remind him and place pressure on Jon to invest into a serious relationship.

When Jon develops romantic feelings for his new coworker Holly, he is challenged to grow up a little, while also introducing Holly to his wild and crazy world. Jon is reminded by Pops, not only live in the moment, live moment by moment but never at the expense of the moment. As Jon and Holly start dating, HOLLY (46) starts realizing JON’s life as a party host is very, different from his persona when they’re alone. While trying to win Holly over, Jon’s co-worker BRAD (37) who also is a competing karaoke singer competes for Holly’s heart as someone from Jon’s past competes for his own. Can Jon win the girl and the competition? Or will Jon win one and lose the other.

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